Purite Elite RO

Reverse osmosis solutions for industry

Our standard Purite Elite RO range of reverse osmosis units fulfils key applications requiring between 500 and 5,000 litres per hour of RO grade water. We are also well equipped to offer customised solutions for applications that require higher flow capacities than those delivered by our standard range.

To reduce operational costs the Elite RO range incorporates the latest ‘low energy’ membranes.

  • 500-5,000 L/hr
  • Permeate and concentrate flow indicators
  • RO boost pump pressure indication

Low energy membranes vs standard membranes

Our Elite range of Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems take advantage of the cutting-edge Low Energy (LE) membranes. These LE membranes, also referred to as Low Pressure (LP) elements, optimise the delicate balance between permeate flow rate and salt rejection – the two crucial performance metrics of an RO system that typically move in opposite directions.

While achieving a high salt rejection often requires a more compact membrane, leading to reduced flow and higher pump pressures to operate; increasing permeate flow utilises easing of the membrane’s tightness and sacrifices a little salt rejection efficiency. Our Elite range strikes an effective balance and makes our systems particularly suited for many commercial and industrial applications where a slight reduction in permeate quality is allowable.

Our Elite range’s ability to use LE membranes deliver significant energy savings, making your water purification process more sustainable and cost-effective; a key benefit considering that energy costs form a large part of the operating expense for RO systems.

Furthermore, the lower operating pressures extend the life of the membrane and decrease the wear and tear on the pump, resulting in fewer replacements and maintenance interventions.

By investing in an RO system with low-energy membranes, customers are not only choosing a greener option, but they are also making a financially prudent decision that will yield considerable savings over the system’s lifetime.

Compact design

We understand that space can be a limiting factor in many installations, and Purite has effectively tackled this challenge by developing compact units. Our Elite RO’s pack all the requisite functionality into a smaller footprint, without compromising on the efficiency or the output of purified water. With Purite, you’re guaranteed harmony of space-saving design, high performance, and energy efficiency, making our RO systems a fitting choice for installations with limited space.

The Elite RO units are simple to operate and are manufactured on Polypropylene (PP) or Stainless-steel skid-based frames to allow for easy transportation and plug and play installation.

As an option, the units can be supplied with CIP connections and, for certain applications, permeate divert assembly.

For larger capacity applications, please contact us.

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