Water purification technology that changes the way you work

We design, develop and manufacture advanced water purification solutions for use in laboratory, healthcare and industrial applications around the world


We help you push the boundaries of scientific knowledge

Glassware washing, reagent make-up, analysis and life sciences


We help you save lives and transform the patient experience

Renal dialysis, decontamination, endoscope reprocessing and boiler-feed

Industrial & Commercial

We help you improve quality, productivity and profitability

Boiler-feed, pre-treatment, process water, wastewater treatment and recycling

Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions for Data Centres

Data Centres

We help you increase energy efficiency and reduce water usage

Pre-treatment, filtration, water softening, biological mitigation and recycling

98% of customers rate the quality of our products and support services as better than 8 out 10

More than 98% of customers say that the performance and quality of our engineers is good or exceptional

Over 99% of customers tell us that our level of technical support and advice is outstanding

Purite has consistently been one of the best suppliers that we’ve worked with over a number of years. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.
Michael Davison
Specialist Engineering Manager, Estates Department, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust
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