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What makes our service engineers among the best?

It goes without saying that effective maintenance and servicing is crucial for any essential equipment or machinery an organisation relies on to carry out its activities. Water purification systems are no exception and need regular maintenance to help keep equipment working at optimum performance levels.

And that’s what we found to be the differentiator when it comes to our servicing offer. Time and time again our customers tell us that our service engineers ‘know and go’ the extra mile, whether on site or on a call. In fact, 98% of customers say that the performance and quality of our engineers is good or exceptional and 99% tell us that our level of technical support and advice is outstanding.

Recently our MD received an email from a Technical Lead at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, commending one of our service engineers and the team here at Veoila.  David Topham, Renal Technical Manager, wrote,” Ray has proven beyond any doubt that he is a very knowledgeable engineer and has helped us enormously when we were in difficulty.

“We have six dialysis centres spread across East and West Kent and at times are hard pushed to cover everything, however, it is comforting to know that there is a well-trained and skilled engineer at the end of the phone or if needs be, available to call in to see the problem first hand.”

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Ashley Mason – Veolia Engineer

We caught up with one of our engineers, Ashley Mason, to find out a bit more about what makes a Veolia engineer so special. 

What makes a good service engineer?

I think most engineers have a very methodical approach to things. We see the process and understand it. Having a good relationship with the customer and being approachable also helps. I always try not to bamboozle people with the science, unless that’s what they want of course! Ultimately, the job isn’t done until it’s done. 

What makes Veolia’ servicing so good?

We have a strong expert team of engineers with relevant qualifications and years of experience as well as an in-depth understanding of water treatment processes in many sectors. 

Every service contract customer is allocated a team who take time to get to know customer’s equipment and understand their organisation. 

Our technical expertise, combined with the very latest monitoring and maintenance equipment, spare parts and consumables, means we can ensure customer systems work as efficiently and effectively as possible, reducing operating costs and extending service life, often far in excess of the intended working life of the system. 

For example, thanks to our engineers, we have equipment that is still working efficiently after 15 or 20 years, despite an initial design life of around 10 years. 

And because we have a nationwide network of installation, commissioning and service engineers, we can get to sites quickly if the problem can’t be resolved over the phone or through remote access.  We carry a wide selection of critical parts and consumable items so that, wherever possible, we can fix problems when we find them. If not, we can get fast access to parts to minimise delays in repair work.

Which contracts are the most popular?

We offer three types of contracts: Standard, Purecare Max and Custom, but our customers love the Purecare Max. It’s an all-inclusive contract that includes parts and call out, so it’s a bit like an insurance policy.

What do you like most about the job?

Most of my customers are hospital sites or laboratories, so without sounding too clichéd, what I like most about my job is making a difference to anyone that may be waiting on blood test results or is going through dialysis. Without pure water these services cannot continue to run.  That said, I do enjoy visiting the Formula 1 Team who are a customer!

Have you got any examples of an unusual call out?

I visited a hydrogen fuel station that had a failure on an old unit, so I knew parts were going to be problematic. Luckily the customer had a donor unit in a storage unit. We both hopped into the customer’s hydrogen powered car and off we went to take whatever bits we could from the donor unit. The unit was in full working order within four hours. 

Work with best service team

Working with us, you’ll have access to the best technology and technical experts.  It’s a unique combination that gives you peace of mind.  In addition to resolving technical issues that arise, our engineers bring additional value by providing advice and recommendations on upgrades and plant maintenance required to ensure that your water systems continue to deliver a good water supply and treatment.  They can help save you money, increase water quality and prevent downtime.

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