We design, engineer, install, service and support high performance water purification systems that add value to industrial, laboratory or healthcare operations.

We’re here to help ensure that the best solution is provided for your business, fit for purpose and bespoke to your needs. Contact us to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

For your convenience, a selection of our water purification systems, consumables and accessories are available to order online.

Please note that there is a minimum order value of £250.00.

Prices shown are excluding VAT (if applicable).

Water Purification Cylinders

If you require purified water with low expenditure, then the Purite Cylinder Exchange Service is for you.

Simply purchase the required cylinder for your purified water needs. When the cylinder is exhausted, e-mail your purchase order or pre-paid voucher to our team. Our carrier will then collect your exhausted cylinder and return it to us. We then regenerate your cylinder and return it to you.

The whole process takes approximately 7 working days. If you cannot be without a cylinder during the exchange process, we recommend you have a stand-by cylinder in place to minimise down-time to your process.

Given the importance of purified water to all manner of industrial processes, it is vital that manufacturers choose the right technologies for its production. If you would like help selecting the most appropriate cylinder for your application, please contact us.

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