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Purite Neptune Ultimate - WiFi

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Product Details
The Purite Neptune Ultimate lab water purification system provides a high flow of guaranteed 18.2MΩcm ultrapure water for analytical and life science laboratory applications.
The Neptune Ultimate Water Polisher utilises a number of proven technologies to produce ultra-pure, 18.2MΩ.cm water on-demand.
  • Ion exchange cartridges incorporating monospherical, semiconductor grade mixed bed deionising resin with a low TOC leaching profile and a high activity organic absorption media
  • Sub-micron and ultrafilter to remove particles, bacteria and endotoxins
  • 185nm or photo-oxidising UV to cleave organic compounds into smaller charged ionic species that can be removed by ion exchange
  • 254nm UV to reduce bacteria by more than 99%
  • UV LED disinfection incorporated within the dispense head
  • WiFi enabled for remote monitoring and operation.

The Purite Neptune Ultimate recirculates purified water to maintain its quality and includes data capture for traceability and intelligent monitoring systems that place the unit into standby when it’s not in use. Each unit also features semi-automated cleaning and sanitising routines, TOC indication and alarms for cartridge, UV and filter replacement.


  • Permeate Water Quality: Guaranteed 18.2 MΩcm water quality
  • Bacteria: < 0.1cfu/ml
  • TOC: < 1 ppb
  • Particles: 0.005 micron's
  • Endotoxins: <0.001EU/ml
  • DNases: <4pg/ml
  • RNases: <0.01ng/ml
  • Dispense Flow Rate: Up to 2 lpm
  • WiFi Enabled for remote monitoring and operation
  • UV LED Point of Use Water Steriliser in Dispense Head


Min / Max feed pressure: Flooded Suction

Feed Water: < 20us/cm, temperature 1 - 35 degC

Electrical Supply: Single Phase, 110-230V, +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz

Bench mountable or wall mountable with wall bracket mounting kit

Installation service available for an additional price - Pre-requisite of services to be in place. Please review Pre-Installation check list upon checkout.

Dimensions: Width: 310mm, Depth: 560mm, Height: 750mm

Data Sheet: https://purite.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Veolia-Neptune-Ultimate-Data-Sheet-April-2023-v1.2.pdf

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