Water Purification Cylinders

Our water purification cylinder range and exchange service offer a cost-effective and easy way to ensure you always have purified water when you need it for deionisation, organics removal and oxidant reduction.

Trusted by a diverse range of industries, our carbon and deionising water cylinders deliver up to 10 megaohm.cm and 18.2 megaohm.cm water quality respectively and are ideal for low volume water use and polishing pre-treated water. Our service is backed up by expert advice and support.

UK-wide exchange service

Through our exchange service, simply purchase the required cylinder for your purified water needs and when it’s exhausted, we’ll collect it, regenerate your cylinder and return it to you. Operating cylinders in tandem keeps any production downtime to a minimum.


We regenerate ion-exchange (IX) resins at our in-house cylinder processing facilities ensuring a more sustainable and efficient route than replacing the resin wholesale.  

Simple to use

Our water purification cylinders can be supplied with all the fittings necessary for easy connection to a mains or process water supply. All models have been designed for ease of use including colour coded heads for easy identification and a quick release system. 

Purite Water Purification Cylinders

Carbon Water Purification Cylinders

AC – Pre-treatment carbon cylinder

ac_pre-treatment carbon cylinder

A pre-treatment cylinder with a highly absorbent carbon media to efficiently reduce contaminants such as colloidal organics, metal oxides and free chlorine in a single pass.

Applications include: to pre-condition water prior to treatment by reverse osmosis (RO).

CC – Polishing carbon cylinder

cc_polishing carbon cylinder

A cylinder to polish already purified water. The cylinder contains high purity granular activated carbon for oxidant reduction or TOC reduction (Total Organic Carbon).

Applications include: removing detergents/cleaning agents from rinse water applications and post reverse osmosis organics reduction.

Deionising Water Purification Cylinders

DC – General deionising cylinder

dc_general deionising cylinder

A single pass deioniser filled with mixed bed ion exchange resin capable of removing up to 99% of dissolved mineral impurities from a mains or process water supply.

Applications include: surface finishing, pcb de-fluxing and cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, humidifier supply, laboratory glass rinsing, laboratory reagent make-up, boiler feed, printing solutions, or wherever water of up to 10 MΩ.cm is required.

Stainless steel deionising cylinders – NC7K2 and NC9K2

cylinder NC7K2

Stainless steel deioniser cylinders with single use high purity resin able to provide ultrapure water up to 18.2 MΩ.cm. Available in two different sizes (NC7K2 and NC9K2), the cylinders feature a robust stainless steel push fit connection, for complete ease when changing cylinders.

Applications include: semiconductor, cosmetics and pharmaceutical production, clinical analyser feed and water polishing. For maximum performance, NC cylinders are typically pre-fed with water that has already been pre-purified by reverse osmosis or passed through a DC deionising cylinder.

NC – Nuclear grade deionising cylinder

A deioniser filled with single use high purity resin able to provide ultrapure water up to 18.2 MΩ.cm.

Applications include: semiconductor, cosmetics and pharmaceutical production. For maximum performance NC cylinders are typically pre-fed with water that has already been pre-purified by reverse osmosis or passed through a DC deionising cylinder.

Accessories & Fittings

Meters - RM1 Indicator

RM1 indicator

An economical battery powered water quality indicator with a coloured dual LED band that measures across a scale of 0.05 – 20 μS/cm and 0 – 18 MΩ.cm.

Meters - R2014-C

R2014-C Meter

The temperature compensated, R2014 meter is configured to measure either the conductivity or resistivity of purified water. It has an informative alpha numeric display, changing from blue to red under alarm conditions, and ability to control/signal external equipment. It is a cost-effective solution for monitoring/controlling purified water systems. Range: Resistivity 0 – 18.2 MΩ.cm or Conductivity 0 – 20 μS/cm


A choice of fittings and range of sizes for ease of connection are available. Water inlet/outlet range in size from 8mm plain push fit to ½” to 1” hose type connection. The outlet fittings are available as either plain push fit type connections (8mm only) or complete with integral conductivity or resistivity line cells. For the “L” series high flow cylinders the inlet/outlet connections are only available in 1” plastic pipework. We also offer quick release ‘Walther Couplings’ on the NC_K2 cylinders.

Dispensing gun and coil kit

The dispensing gun and coil kit has a 5-metre coil for dispensing water into containers and a dispensing gun with a 6mm gun nozzle allowing the accurate dispensing of purified water.

Dispensing kits

We have a choice of kits that incorporate dispensing options along with the fittings required to connect the cylinder to the water inlet and outlet.

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Purite Cylinder Exchange Service

If you require purified water with low expenditure, then the Purite Cylinder Exchange Voucher Service is for you. Simply purchase the required cylinder for your purified water needs. When the cylinder is exhausted, e-mail your purchase order or pre-paid voucher to our team.

Our carrier will then collect your exhausted cylinder and return it to us. We then regenerate your cylinder and return it to you. The whole process takes approximately 7 working days. If you cannot be without a cylinder during the exchange process, we recommend you have a stand-by cylinder in place to minimise down-time to your process.

Discover sustainable options and save money with Purite’s voucher exchange system for sustainable demineralisation media usage. Purite’s voucher exchange scheme for demineralisation media is a greener, more sustainable solution that reduces costs and protects the environment by the reuse of demineralisation media by regeneration.

As a leading provider of water treatment solutions, Purite is dedicated to introducing sustainable practices that positively impact on both your operations and the environment.

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