New Sales Lead for Purite

Our insatiable demand for computing power in an always-on, data-driven world is beginning to have serious consequences.

UK manufacture v imports

The case for UK-made water purification systems

Covid brought the fragility of global supply chains into sharp focus. But in reality, the causes of supply chain disruption predated the pandemic and are going to continue even once we’ve got the coronavirus fully under control.

Purite is back

Over the coming weeks you’ll see some changes to our branding. This is because Suez Water Purification Systems (SWPS) is rebranding as Purite.

Water purification: technology, support and service Make the Purite difference work to your advantage

Make the Purite difference work to your advantage

You’re probably familiar with the scenario: you buy something new, it works for a while and then fails; or you waste hours trying to get it setup correctly before giving up in frustration. When you call the supplier for support, it’s either on-line only or you speak to somebody who tries to be helpful but ultimately doesn’t have a clue how to fix the problem!

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