Renal dialysis

Water purification solutions for renal dialysis

Around the world, the number of people with chronic kidney disease is increasing steadily, leading to ever growing pressure on renal or haemodialysis facilities.  In the UK, it is estimated that more than 26,000 patients need renal dialysis treatment at any one time, at a main hospital or satellite unit, at a walk-in centre or, for a relatively small number, at home. 

Whatever the need, we provide packaged and turnkey solutions to meet the expanding needs of both NHS Trusts and private healthcare providers. 

Centralised renal water purification systems

Our central water purification solutions are custom engineered to meet the exact needs of your renal dialysis team. We work with you to define the optimum specification, including factors such as the quality of the water source, the number of dialysis points, pressure and flow rates, redundancy and the need for future expansion or upgrades.

Our engineering team will then begin the design process, using the latest CAD and virtual simulation modelling tools to ensure that all design and operational factors are fully tested before engineering work starts. Once, the water purification systems has been manufactured it is assembled, tested and quality accredited in our workshops before being taken to site.

The same engineers are responsible for subsequent on-site installation, commissioning, testing and training before handover to your renal dialysis or estates teams.

renal unit

High water recovery – low operating costs

We use a range of water purification technologies to deliver the best results for every customer. At the heart of our Purite renal dialysis systems are advanced and highly efficiently reverse osmosis membranes.

For most applications we use the latest double-pass hot RO membranes, configured in parallel. This arrangement provides full redundancy, to ensure that a consistent flow of high purity water is delivered at all times to the renal dialysis department.

Our Purite double-pass membranes feature a unique demand-based control system with variable concentrate and high recovery rates; the latter can be as high as 90%. In operation, our membranes are at least 50% more efficient than competing units. This can significantly reduce operating costs, especially for renal departments with large numbers of take-off points. For example, a renal dialysis department with 12 points of use, can typically save around £8,000 a year on water costs alone.

Our Purite water purification options are extended still further by the use of integrated and fully automatic heat sanitisation units. These provide effective and reliable disinfection of distribution loops, dialysis machines and interconnecting pipework.

Features of our Purite water purification systems include:

  • High recovery rates 
  • Output flow rates from 500 to 4,500 l/hour 
  • Units can be configured to run in multiple combinations to provide redundancy 
  • Fully integrated automatic hot water membrane sanitisation for enhanced microbiological performance 
  • Full colour touch screen displays with comprehensive menu navigation including full schematics 
  • Advanced data logging technology with password control 
  • Data logging, providing access to historical performance data for full traceability 
  • Semi-automated chemical cleaning program with on-screen reminder function 
  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant GRP or optional stainless steel pressure vessels 
  • Compact, stainless steel skid mounted packages. 

    Case study: Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

    Advanced water purification technology from Purite Water Purification Solutions is playing a critical role in protecting the health and wellbeing of renal patients at Sunderland Royal Hospital and Durham Treatment Centre, both part of South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust.

    In each case, Purite technology is allowing the Trust to meet increased demand for its critical patient care services.

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