Water purification: technology, support and service Make the Purite difference work to your advantage

Make the Purite difference work to your advantage

Water purification: technology, support and service

You’re probably familiar with the scenario: you buy something new, it works for a while and then fails; or you waste hours trying to get it setup correctly before giving up in frustration. When you call the supplier for support, it’s either on-line only or you speak to somebody who tries to be helpful but ultimately doesn’t have a clue how to fix the problem!

This scenario often applies regardless of the value of the product that’s been purchased.

The problem frequently occurs because many companies focus on winning the sale, not on providing what is most important to their customer. Consequently, they may sell something that isn’t fit for purpose, or which is over-specified or mis-matched to the customer’s real needs.

There can be another reason: one that is created by the customer’s own procurement processes. These are generally designed to drive purchase prices as low as possible. The inevitable result is that suppliers have to cut corners or make compromises, either in terms of product specification or technical support.

Underlying all of these problems is a basic lack of understanding and proactivity, on the part of the supplier, about the real needs of each customer and application.

We manufacture and supply advanced water purification technologies. That’s our core area of expertise. And with over 40 years in the business, we’ve also built a wealth of knowledge about how to apply these technologies in many different applications across the laboratory, healthcare and industrial sectors. Among the many things that we’ve learnt over the years, two stand out: every application is different and although our customers are expert in what they do or make, they do not have the same depth of experience and knowledge that we have when it comes to specifying, installing, using and maintaining water purification systems.

That’s why we never make assumptions when taking on a new project. And it’s why our sales team is made up of water purification engineers and scientists, not of salespeople! So, our starting point is always to understand the needs of each customer and their particular application. This applies equally to the supply of standard units and custom-engineered systems.

We dig deep into the challenges you need to overcome, to make sure we understand your purified water requirements, your processes and expectations. We’ll also push-back if we feel that what we’re being asked to supply or do is not in the best interests of your business; as a result, we may sometimes choose to walk-away if we believe that we can’t provide the ideal solution.

Only when we truly understand what you need to achieve, both technically and commercially, are we able to recommend the best possible solution.

Yes, this approach takes time, but it ensures that whatever product or system we supply works perfectly from the outset, and that it meets your exact specification and budget, with the lowest possible capital and operating costs. It also means that whatever we provide lasts for many years, that it’s adaptable to future needs and that our ongoing maintenance and technical support packages are structured to ensure that your service level expectations are met and exceeded.

In practice, we devote far more time, energy and resource to supporting your business than we can cover in a single blog post. The key takeaway is that our unique combination of Purite design, manufacturing and support services will ensure that your next water purification project – no matter how large or small – will be an outstanding success.

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