Water-in to water-out: our industrial water purification solutions meet your exact needs

We design and custom-build water purification solutions that meet the demanding needs of industrial applications for water pre-treatment and process duties.  We can also provide systems for wastewater treatment and recycling.

Just as your business is unique, so too is every application for industrial water purification. Different flow rates, water qualities, availability of space and services, process conditions and regulations – even the need for connectivity and compliance with CSR policies governing environmental impact – will all affect the design of each system.

Reverse osmosis solutions for industry

We have over 40 years’ experience designing and implementing RO solutions for industry. Our units are cost efficient, integrating the latest ‘low energy’ membrane technology to achieve optimal performance while minimising energy consumption.

With our reliable reverse osmosis technology and team of highly skilled RO experts, we have the capability to develop RO systems of any scale and water flow rate, safeguarding your assets and supporting seamless operations. Additionally, our network of service engineers is on hand to provide comprehensive support and maintenance.

Industrial water purification for boiler feed

Our Purite water purification technology plays a critical role in protecting boilers for customers throughout industry. We improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of your industrial boilers, while reducing the need for blowdown, cutting the use of chemicals and helping you minimise the carbon footprint of your business.

Our reverse osmosis technology will protect your demineralisation or softening systems, eliminating problems with TDS (total dissolved solids), providing a simple and highly effective method of improving your OPEX, with a rapid return on investment.


Sustainable water purification solutions for data centres

Purite is a key design and manufacturing partner in data centres’ process water journey. With extensive market knowledge paired with technological knowhow we can engage with consulting engineers at design stage and the M&E contractor during the build phase to package together and deliver a water treatment system that meets the demands of a mission critical infrastructure and the ever-increasing environmental regulations and targets.

Our wide range of pre-treatment and process solutions will optimise your assets, help reduce water usage, increase energy efficiency and help you meet your sustainability goals.

We deliver environmentally efficient water treatment solutions for the most complex projects, from micro data centres to hyperscalers, new or upgrade and retrofit. And all supported by an extensive network of specialist service engineers ensuring you maintain your critical operations.

Sustainable water purification solutions for data centres

Our systems design and engineering teams have considerable experience resolving these demands – and many more. To help you develop the most effective solution we offer:

Water system audits

Water quality testing

Feasibility studies

System design

Project scope and technical specification

System engineering, including controls and associated services

Testing and certification

Installation and commissioning

Full technical support

Industrial water purification technologies

We offer a wide choice of water purification technologies, for raw water feed, boiler feed and makeup, process water, system washdown and water reclaim.  Each system is customer-engineered to provide the optimal solution for your business.  We can provide everything from water-in to water-out, regardless of the required water purity – all the way to 18.2MΩ-cm.


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Carbon cylinders

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Reverse osmosis system

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Storage and recirculation tank

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Recirculation pump

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Deioniser cylinders

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In-line or external metering systems

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In-line UV disinfector

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0.2 micron filters

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Our Purite systems are four years old and have run reliably. We have also received a great level of service and technical support and would recommend Suez Water Purification Systems as an excellent supplier.
Ken Ogden
HRS Technical Manager, ITM Power

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