UV sterilisation systems

Enhancing your data centre’s energy efficiency

We understand the importance of maintaining water quality in data centre environments to ensure optimal performance and sanitation of cooling systems as well as prevent costly downtime. 

As data centres must store vast quantities of water, days’ worth of water are held under peak heat-load conditions and cooling load is minimal, meaning water is sitting idle in silos.  UV sterilisation offers a sustainable and chemical free inactivation of bacteria within your process water storage tanks.

How our UV sterilisation systems work?

Our UV water filtration technology not only addresses the issues of biofouling and energy efficiency but also contributes to more sustainable and environmentally sound operations.  

Our UV water purification technology utilises UV-C light to inactivate various pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, ensuring the cooling water remains free from contaminants. This is key for data centres as microbial growth can lead to biofouling, which affects heat transfer efficiency and increases energy consumption. Our UV germicidal irradiation, a key component of these systems, exposes the water to 254 nanometres of UV light, effectively killing microorganisms without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Easy Integration with your existing cooling water infrastructure:

We can easily integrate our ultraviolet water disinfection systems into existing cooling water infrastructure providing a compact, sustainable and low-maintenance solution.  

The advantages of partnering with us:

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