Reverse osmosis (RO)

Improving data centre performance and reliability

Data centres house expensive and critical equipment such as servers, routers and storage systems. Cooling tower water treatment, humidity control and boiler make-up water treatment are crucial for the smooth and efficient operation of data centres. These treatments will help you to protect equipment, enhance energy efficiency, compliance, and sustainability. 

Advanced filtration technology for data centres: Purite's RO water filter systems

We design, manufacture, and commission bespoke reverse osmosis plant systems, which increase equipment lifespan, reduce maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Cooling tower water treatment

Our high-capacity reverse osmosis filtration systems help purify the water used in cooling towers, reducing scale build-up, corrosion, biological growth and reducing chemical use.  

Humidity control

Our smaller comprehensive plug and play reverse osmosis systems provide clean, mineral-free water that can be used in humidification systems, safeguarding equipment from damage due to mineral deposits and contaminants. 

Boiler make-up water treatment

By treating the water used in boilers, we help prevent scale and corrosion, extending the life of the boiler system and improving its efficiency. 

Sustainable water reuse with RO systems

Data centres rely heavily on water, a finite resource in growing demandOur RO systems enable on-site water reuse, significantly reducing overall water consumption. This not only contributes to your sustainability initiatives but also ensures compliance with environmental regulations.

For data centres owners applying for planning, demonstrating steps such as an RO system to minimise the impact on local water supplies and resources can be a decisive factor in planning approval.  

reverse osmosis

Implementing reverse osmosis (RO) into a process water make-up application will allow cooling towers to run at higher cycles of concentration (CoC) reducing water purged to drain. Alternative solutions offered include RO recycling of the water bled from the cooling tower/ hybrid cooler and returning it to the front end of the feed water process allowing significant water and financial savings. 

And for backup water supplies in case of emergencies or water supply disruptions, our reverse osmosis systems can treat water from alternative sources, such as rainwater or borehole water to ensure uninterrupted operations. 

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