Rainwater harvesting solutions

Helping data centres to meet the sustainability goals

Data centres face mounting pressure to meet sustainability goals. Rainwater harvesting is an attractive solution to reduce reliance on mains water and lower environmental impact. Harvested rainwater can be used for multiple applications including process water for cooling systems. However, before using harvested rainwater, it must undergo treatment to remove impurities and meet quality standards for safe use. 

Purite's comprehensive approach to rainwater treatment

Purite offers multiple technologies to treat harvested rainwater, ensuring its safety for use in data centre processes.  

For primary treatments 

One of our primary treatment technologies is particulate filtration, which uses media filters to remove sediment and other larger impurities from the water.  

For biological control

We offer UV sterilisation and chemical treatment. These processes use UV light or chemicals to remove harmful bacteria and viruses from the water. 

For more advanced treatment options

Our reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration technologies combine filtration and pressure to remove even the smallest impurities from the water. Reverse osmosis is particularly effective at removing dissolved solids, while ultra-filtration can remove bacteria and viruses. 

The advantages of partnering with us:

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