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Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions for Data Centres

We are specialists in the design, build, installation, and maintenance of sustainable water treatment solutions for the data centre industry. We work with critical infrastructure Installers, operators, their partners and consultants to develop cost effective and customised solutions to your process water challenges.

Purite – a trusted partner

Our skilled engineers and data centre experts will design and develop site specific treatments providing full process design, build, installation and commissioning services.

Our solutions are supported by a nationwide network of specialist service engineers ensuring you maintain your critical operations and reduce expensive downtime.

Our expertise and proven treatment processes can help you make a significant reduction in OPEX costs through reduced power consumption.

We continually innovate our products and services to meet the ever-changing challenges and drivers of data centre process water and compliance.

Sustainable water purification solutions for data centres

Our Solutions and Technologies

Our technical solutions include, feed-water pre-treatment, filtration for all types of source water, process water softening and conditioning, biological mitigation of bulk stored water and recycling of cooling process bleed water.
Water Softener Systems

Water Softener Systems

Our systems ensure removal of hardness salts from your water supply preventing downstream issues of scale formation on pipe and heat transfer surfaces which inherently causes flow issues and poor Delta T leading to increased energy consumption.
Reverse Osmosis Solutions

Reverse Osmosis Solutions

Our cost-effective RO systems are efficient at the removal of total dissolved solids (TDS) from feed water, whether borehole, mains supply, harvested rainwater or river water and used for feeding process water systems with a requirement for higher quality water than that of the un-treated supply.
UV Sterilisation Systems

UV Sterilisation Systems

We have a wide range of devices that provide rapid biological inactivation at the point of install preventing reproduction of microorganisms downstream within your water system, without the need for chemical injection.
Iron and Manganese Filtration Solutions

Filtration Solutions for Boreholes

Our solutions for borehole water applications prevent oxidised Fe & Mn deposits throughout your process water system, reducing the risk of corrosion and microbiological proliferation.

Rainwater Harvesting Filtration Solutions

Rainwater Harvesting Filtration Solutions

We can help you meet sustainability requirements for new builds or re-fits demonstrating water saving practices to satisfy building or planning requirements from local government.

Data centres are under pressure to reduce water consumption but how low can they go?

Our white paper is a comprehensive guide on implementing efficient water management strategies without compromising operational performance.

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